Hope to see you all this weekend at the Gun Show!!
Thank you for maintaining the range clean. It will remain available until weather permits.
Please check the landfill before starting any activity, somebody could be working down range!
***Firearm Safety is always YOUR responsibility!***

LRSSA Gun Show 2024 is coming soon! February 17 - 18, at the Memorial Building. - Click here for the Flyer!


Our next Concealed Weapons Class is February 24, 2024. Contact Rick to sign up. Click here for the Flyer.

New Shotgun range Calendar coming this spring, click here to see it.

Next season Deer Rifle Sight-in will be announced by next summer. - Poster will be HERE

Please contact us at lrshootingsports@gmail.com for any questions or comments.

If you have any topics for the meeting, please inform any of our officers.

Second Wednesday of each month, 7:00 pm at the Armory Basement.